Do you often find yourself in a sticky situation, with a deadline looming and endless W-9s to complete? I provide a number of services for your small business so you can keep pencil to paper, including:

  • Direct-to-customer and dealer sales fulfillment
  • Music rental  services, from contracting to delivery
  • Commission and residency contract negotiation
  • Accounts payable and invoicing
  • Vendor paperwork
  • Mechanical and sync licensing
  • Permission to arrange requests and marching band licensing
  • Inventory storage and management
  • Print bidding and press checks
  • ASCAP/BMI royalty reporting
  • Marketing and PR consulting
  • Email correspondence and customer service

My monthly retainer is based on breadth of services provided and business volume. I also offer project-based services on a limited basis. Contact me to get a quote.

bryant_biopic_2015_1b-1024x1024“When Sarah first began assisting me in 2011, I had reached an inflection point in my career, and I was floundering in my attempt to run my self-publishing business while continuing to compose. Her years of organizational experience were immediately evident, and the music I’ve been able to write since owes a direct debt to her growing presence as the armature of my professional life.” – Steven Bryant